Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure

In support of the current unit's theme of stories, legends and fairy tales, the grade 3-4 class will be using Scratch to animate and write their own "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories.

Here are some examples of these types of stories:
Both of these stories are neat, but what they lack are pictures and animation! That's where the fun of Scratch comes in. Students will write their own short adventure stories (with choices) and provide pictures or animations.

Scratch is a great language for having characters have conversations. There are two basic methods, (1) using "wait" blocks and (2) using "broadcast" and "receive" blocks.

Each of these starter Scratch projects may be remixed to practise these techniques.
Before starting their original Choose Your Own Adventure stories, students will first complete a basic storyboard.

To get started in Scratch, here is a basic five page choose your own adventure story program. Remix this program, add your own story, and consider adding more choices with more pages. Look carefully at the scripts on the buttons to see how to control the story flow. Use the duplicate feature in Scratch to create new buttons - the scripts from the old buttons will be copied over, and will only need to be updated.