Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Grade 1: November 25 - Looping and Pattern detectors

This week, students used a "pattern detector" (a short pipe cleaner bent into an "L") to help find the paths in Kodable where the Looper feature should be used. To be able to use the Looper, there needs to be at least two spots, right side by side, where the pattern detector fits.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Grade 4 November 17 Lesson Plan - Scratch Challenges

This week, students will continue working on Scratch challenges, adopted from the Scratch Starter Projects. This week's challenges are:
  • Maze Starter
  • Pong Starter
  • Multiplication Game

Grade 3 November 17 Lesson Plan - Science Fair Continued

This week, students will continue work on their science fair projects. Purpose, Hypothesis, Method and Materials rough drafts will be written, and work started on building their filters.

Grade 4, November 10 Lesson - Scratch Challenges

This week, students worked on the following Scratch Challenges (the first three are adopted from the Starter Projects available here on the Scratch website):
  • Teens in the Castle
  • Dress Up Tera
  • Spiral Maker
  • Interactive Quiz Game

Grade 3 November 10 Lesson - Starting our Science Fair Projects

This week, we introduced the idea for our science fair projects. Students will design a water filter to remove various pollutants from water (soil, cooking oil, soap, vinegar), and compare their filter against a basic filter made from a funnel, cotton cloth and dirt. Students researched on the internet about different types of filters that can be bought or built, and then drew pictures of their designs.