Monday, 26 January 2015

Grade 6: First Computer Science Lesson

In our first class, students will share their past computer programming experience, and we will discuss possible goals and projects for the term.

To introduce coding, students will start Course 2 at

The login screen for Course 2 can be found at:

Students with extensive computer programming experience may start directly on Course 3, which can be found at:

Installing Scratch 2.0 Offline

Students in the Grade 5/6 class are required to install the Scratch 2.0 Offline editor on their computers. For step-by-step instructions, please see

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Grade 4: January Lessons

In January, Grade 4 students started off by creating their very own Maze game in Scratch. The logic and control for this game is simple once you know it, but getting their was sometimes challenging! Also, unexpected tricks, like not having a Sprite centred in the design space created some confusing bugs.

Next, students practised using the "broadcast" and "when I receive" blocks in Scratch to tell a simple story using conversation between two (or usually more!) characters.

Then, students started work on a Choose Your Own Adventure story, where the reader was asked to provide input (from they keyboard, while the program is running) to decide how the story will end.

Grade 3: January Lessons

In January, we started using Scratch 2.0, off-line to do coding challenges. Students have starter Scratch programs that need to be modified to changed in specified ways. Example challenges include these Starter projects from the Scratch Help page:
  • Paint with Gobo
  • Starfish Choir
  • Wizard Spells
  • Five Random Facts About Me
Students also used ScratchJr on the iPads to learn how to make two characters have a conversation using the "talk" and "wait" blocks. First students extended these projects on the iPads, then applied the same concepts within Scratch 2.0.

Grade 1: January Lessons

In January, we were all very excited to start using ScratchJr on the iPads. Students are working on programs that:
  • make a car drive along a road
  • have three animals, travelling at different speeds, race across a scene
  • show friends having fun at at dance party.
Students have been very engaged in these activities and have had great success!

Grade 1: December Lessons

In December, the Grade 1 students explored computer science concepts using hands on classroom activities and the Kodable Class app on the iPads. We practised following conditional statements as done in Kodable by walking on coloured squares in the classroom. We learned about the the very first computer "bug" (there was once real moth stuck in a computer that made it not work!), and tried out the Bugs Below Kodable levels. Some students even started to the Function Junction Kodable levels!

In an activity relating to the Unit of Inquiry about Air, students learned how to find the e-mail app on the iPads, open a message and follow a link to see images of air pollution in Beijing.

Grade 3: December Lessons

In December, the Grade 3 class was very busy getting ready for the school Science Fair. With a partner, students researched, designed and then created a simple water filter using mostly organic or household materials. We then tested each filter to see how well it removed dirt, vinegar, oil and soap, and compared our results to a simple filter made only of cloth and dirt. Students created posters to display their work, and presented to the Science Fair judges.

At the end of December, students got a taste of programming with Scratch, with some introductory challenges.

Grade 4: December Lessons

In December, students took on a longer term project and used Scratch to create an interactive quiz game. First, questions relating to their current Unit of Inquiry, Evolving Earth, were written. Then, students implemented their quizzes within Scratch. The final programs were on display at our annual Holiday Extravaganza concert for parents and other students to view.