Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Biodiversity and the Pinhey Sand Dunes

In the fall, we had two field trips to the Pinhey Sands Dunes: one to learn from the scientist of Biodiversity Conservancy International about this unique and remarkable habitat found right within the city limits in Ottawa, and secondly to participate in the restoration of the dunes themselves.

Here are some videos from Biodiversity Conservancy International links that focus of the Pinhey Sand Dunes, their restoration, flora and fauna.

  1. General Information about Pinhey Sand Dunes. Note the maps on the right hand side that show the disappearing dunes!
  2. The Shrinking Dunes  (video)
  3. Saving the Sand Dunes (video)
  4. Life on the Dunes: Various Species
  5. Where have all the spiders gone? (video)
  6. Collecting Data on Biodiversity (collecting bugs!) (video)