Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sokoban Game for Caribou Math Contest

The next Caribout Math Contest is coming up quickly, and this time the interactive math game will be Sokoban. This game was originally invited in Japan in 1980, and the word "sokoban" means "warehouse keeper" in Japanese. The object of the game is to push large boxes to designated spots in the warehouse. Boxes can only be pushed, not pulled, and they are so heavy only one can be pushed at a time. Boxes are so big they cannot be climbed over. This has some consequences during game play, such as if a box if ever pushed into a corner, there is no way to get it out again.

The first level of the game presented for practice on the Caribou website is quite tricky for beginners, so here are some other recommended resources:

  • Sokoban Online Start with the first lesson that can be found here. This site asks you to create an account, but it is not necessary. 
  • Sokoban by Jordi Domenech There are a few choices of collections of puzzles here too. Start with Level 1.
Sokoban will get easier with practice! Keep these tips in mind:
  • If you are stuck and frustrated, take a short break and come back. 
  • Every Sokoban game has a "Restart" button. Don't be afraid to use it! Often it is not possible to solve a level without some trial and error. 
  • Once you've completed a challenging level, go back and try it again to see if you can still remember the solution. 
Have fun!

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